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About Teach STEM Now

TeachSTEMNow.com is about a new way to promote STEM education in k-12, with a focus on manufacturing technologies and real world shop skills.  We’re proponents of accessible lesson plans (open-source and low-cost) that can be implemented into classroom lessons today with affordable, capable tools.


Al Chirinian

Alain Chirinian is an author of over 20 books published on a wide range of topics, ranging from evolutionary biology and math to motorcycles and puberty. He has been a staunch advocate of STEM education since 2000, when he took his high school physics class to their first robotics competition. Al  has since pioneered a highly successful robotic sciences and pre-engineering curriculum centered around competitive events in his home state of Oregon, where he continues to teach and serve as a STEM education consultant.

Andy Grevstad

Andy Grevstad is Senior Applications Engineer at Tormach.  He is active in promoting manufacturing education as an instructor in CNC workshops and other outreach programs.  He writes about CNC and machine technology and can be read weekly on the blog Milling Around as well as in the column The Professional Digital Machinist, which appears in the magazine Digital Machinist.